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A Tale of Two Conflicts

A Tale of Two Conflicts

August 23, 2013

Social Sciences & Humanities

“Egypt Isn’t Syria. One Is Fixable. One, Not So Much” is the headline of editor-at-large J.J. Goldberg’s recent column in The Forward about the conflicts in these two countries.

Goldberg cites a recent article that appeared on Israel’s Walla news website (in Hebrew) by Prof. Dror Ze’evi, of BGU’s Department of Middle Eastern Studies, that provides crucial insight into the turmoil in Egypt and Syria.

Prof. Ze’evi explains that the two conflicts, however similar or related they might appear on the surface, are fundamentally different.

The conflict in Egypt is essentially political in nature and is amenable to a political solution.

The unrest in Syria reflects the sectarian, communal and to a degree existential divides in that part of the Arab world, and it could go on for a long time.

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